Video Services

Guvnor Media supplies the video your company needs.

Guvnor Media is a Full Service Production Company. This means we help you create high quality video material, from beginning to end. In terms of video serices this means we will help you to write the copy/script, film the content, edit the footage and finally help you promote the finished project across all your marketing platforms and social media.

Get it Write!

Guvnor Media Copy Writing and Scripts
You don't set out on any journey without knowing where you're going. Your video script is a road map, and we make sure that map will get you precisily where you need to go.

Get it Shot!

Guvnor Media Video and Film Shoots
Good videos tell an engaging story about you and what you have to offer. Careful shooting and editing ensures you look and sound at your best.

Get it Scene!

Guvnor Media video distribution
Your investment is wasted if no one watches your video. That's why Guvnor Media works with you, to create a campaign that will get the message out to your online audience.

Guvnor Media looks at your video content as an investment and, as with any investment, you want to see some kind of return.

That's why we excel in working with companies who take a long term view on their public image. We are not a marketing company, but we do work with your company to find the best methods of getting your message out there. Broadly, we do this a number of ways:

  • Working with each individual company to ensure the media 'persona' is creating the right message.
  • We will media train your staff to ensure professionalism and consistancy on-screen
  • Creating media with dynamic features to help: Build your client-base, increase targeted website traffic and sell direct from the video player
  • Researching the competition to see what has (worked and failed) for them in the past
  • Split testing media across different platforms to 'test the market'.