About Us


‘The Sell’

Guvnor Media is a top line strategic media production company. With numerous credits in TV and film, we help companies define their brand in media content. We specialize in getting your business noticed with commercials, webinars, product training videos and online content.

But content isn’t any good if no-one sees or interacts with it. So we also help distribute the content as well. Whether that’s helping you to create your own training platform, promoting video content and products or just promoting a YouTube channel, we’re here to help.

‘Business Knowledge’

The two founders of the company are:

Teeboy picMark Alexander Todd an award-winning film and TV writer/director (and reluctant producer). Mark has been creating video and film material for over 30 years for clients such as BBC, Coca Cola, Toyota and JLR in the UK, plus Hasbro, Cartoon Network, CalTrans, 3M and IKEA in the USA.

Time in Hollywood, California also allowed Mark to work on 5 independent films, including his own feature film Bad Reception, which won a Golden Ace Award at the prestigious Las Vegas International Film Festival.

Mark is now developing video media for companies in the UK, Europe and China. His business knowledgeis also helping create TV programme formats and pilots for factual entertainment.


Ewart RichardsonEwart Dudko-Richardson, a pharmaceutical engineer and international business man. Ewart has traveled to most continents on the globe, either marketing high-tech pharmaceutical equipment or training people how to use it.

Beginning with Glaxo-Smith Kline, Ewart has worked with most of the world high end pharmaceutical companies. He has a natural ability and business knowledge helps to simplify complex systems so they can be taught outside of technical circles.

His recent work with Guvnor Media has seen him organising filming in Switzerland, Poland and Germany. He is also a co-producer on Guvnor Media’s factual TV pilot i4i.


The ‘Up-Shot’

Guvnor Media’s combination of business knowledge and creative know-how means Guvnor Media is unique in its ability to promote niche products in todays highly visual marketplaces. One example is our in-stream adverts, which are demonstrated below.