Guvnor Media

As a company, Guvnor Media Ltd works in three overlapping areas:

  1. Video Production and Development
  2. Company Marketing, Events and Promotion
  3. Video Training & Blended Training

Leaders in Media Production

Guvnor Media Ltd is an award-winning video and film production company based in the UK. With over 30 years experience, on both sides of the Atlantic, Guvnor Media has produced hundreds of hours of video material TV series and feature films. This has earnt the company a reputation as leaders in media production.

Simply, Guvnor Media creates most types of video content from corporate and marketing videos, to one off advertisements and TV pilots. We use a talented and flexible team of people to ensure you look and sound ultimately professional. That’s why we have clients in the UK, USA, Europe, China and Australia who also believe we are leaders in media production.

Take a look in the Guvnor Media Video Library, you’ll see what we mean.

“Their professionalism, attention to detail and guidance through the production process greatly enhanced the quality of these videos.”The DEC Group - Switzerland

21st Century Marketing

In the past few years the ways that companies market themselves and their products has changed dramatically. We have many satisfied customers who have worked with us to promote their products with live events. Sometimes however, using older methods of promotion can now be costly both in money and reputation. That’s why Guvnor Media has broadened it’s company horizens to include online marketing and social media. In that way, when you work with us, you’re always sure to get suitable ‘social media ready’ video media, or promotion designed to sell your products and services.

Read more about our services on the Guvnor Media Marketing page.

“Just a big thank you for last night – Coca Cola have just been to see me and they said it was fantastic.”Initial Conference Centres

Blended Training That Works

With the enourmous amount of mobile devices available today, the way people absorb their information and training has also changed. That’s why Guvnor Media is working with companies in Europe and China to deliver training in a form which is both easily accesssible and memorable.

Guvnor Media has it’s own online training delivery platform designed to be simple and cost effective.

“Mark presented an excellent talk which helped the students to understand different effects and filming techniques…He used many of his own experiences in the talk which helped our students identify with different [filming] situations.”Walsall College - Media Dept