Guvnor Media

Guvnor Media Ltd works in two overlapping and complimentary areas:

  1. Video and Video Training Production
  2. Video Training through EATT (Education and Training TV)

Leaders in Media Production

Guvnor Media Ltd is an award-winning video and film production company based in the UK. With over 30 years experience, on both sides of the Atlantic, Guvnor Media has produced hundreds of hours of video material, TV series and feature films.

On the training front, our clients in the UK, USA, Europe and China prove that we are at the forefront of video development and leaders in media production.

Take a look in the Guvnor Media Video Library, you'll see what we mean.

"Their professionalism, attention to detail and guidance through the production process greatly enhanced the quality of these videos."The DEC Group - Switzerland




Quality Video Training That Works

EATT LogoEducation and Training TV has it's own purpose-built online training platform, to deliver all types of online training to any computer or mobile device.

"Mark presented an excellent talk which helped the students to understand different effects and filming techniques...He used many of his own experiences in the talk which helped our students identify with different [filming] situations."Walsall College - Media Dept